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Your HSP trait shapes your entire life.

It’s time to learn how to harness that power.

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If you feel misunderstood, overwhelmed, stuck in overthinking and find yourself experiencing a lot of anxiety…

If you are not sure how to nurture your HSP gifts and manage the challenges it brings into your life…

If you are tired of not knowing how to approach and what to do with your HSP trait…

And want to start empowering yourself, your relationships, your career…

If you want to live your very best life as an HSP…

Then there’s one amazing way to do it.


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How would your life change
if you became A PRO
at managing your sensitivity
and using your gifts?

...Accept yourself as you are, with love and compassion

...Truly understand how you experience the world as an HSP

...Know how to cultivate self-confidence

...Know that you have your place and are here to make an impact

...Be decisive and productive

...Build healthy, constructive and positive relationships with yourself and others around you

Imagine how you'd walk into a (Zoom!) room, how you’d look after yourself, the relationships you’d build, the jobs you’d go for, the dreams you’d chase, the hobbies you’d pursue if you started to embrace your HSP trait and live your life unapologetically using your powerful HSP gifts!

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Sipping Coffee Portrait

You are not the problem.

You’re only missing one thing: that powerful HSP lens.

It’s time to stop fixing yourself

and start creating your empowered HSP life.

To expand, take space.

Connect with that elevated, confident,

empowered, calm version of you.

Let me show you the way...

The HSP Power Hub

An exclusive membership programme

where you create your best life

as a highly sensitive person,

by learning empowering tools

to make the most of your gifts

and be in full control of your emotions.

The HSP Power Hub is the first membership of its kind to support your self-development as an HSP using a holistic approach, with three key areas:

Mindset – You learn tools to understand YOU, you get to be in control of your emotions and decide on purpose how you want to approach people and situations

Are you in control of how you’re showing up today?

Body & Productivity – You optimize your productivity and workflows in line with the needs of your highly sensitive body

Are the choices you’re making aligned with the whole of you?

Leadership – You develop your self-leadership,

as well as your capacity to lead others, using the HSP lens

Are you leading yourself with intention

and in line with your HSP trait?


At the Power Hub, we don’t just talk about things.

We are committed and show up to connect with that elevated, confident, empowered, calm version of ourselves.

We make conscious choices daily in order to create our best life, in line with our HSP trait.

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Confident Woman

The Power Hub

We know that we, as HSPs, have a full seat at the table,

even when we feel and think differently.

We are committed to growing with the right tools for us.

We make an extraordinary impact using our unique gifts.

We are always in charge of:

🗸 Our mindset

🗸 Our body & productivity

🗸 Our leadership


Are you ready to live your best life

as a highly sensitive person?

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Hi, my name
is Muriel

It's lovely to meet you.

I remember, 15 years ago, talking a lunchtime walk with my boss, Katie, around the track on campus.

I lived in Morocco at the time and I remember a sunny day, and this gorgeous view on the Atlantic ocean.

I also remember being anxious – as I was, 95% of the time.

This was my life as an HSP. I lived with two roommates: anxiety and overwhelm.

We were discussing how the role was going for me.

She said: “Muriel, you’re a high-calibre woman.”

She continued: “And you’re in your head too much.”

That day, Katie articulated, in a simple sentence, what I’d always known:

I have incredible gifts as an HSP.

It’s all bubbling under the surface, screaming to be used.

And she brought to light the other thing, which I also knew and kept ignoring:

I don’t know how to manage my sensitivity.

It’s holding me back.

In my deepest self, I wanted to live my full potential.

I wanted to be free of the anxiety and overwhelm

which led me to be reactive and doubt myself.

I wanted to harness my power

and live my best life as an HSP.

An inspiring, joyful life

built in alignment with my HSP trait,

where I would be an impactful leader

and change the world in my own way, for the better.

Since then, I embarked on a journey of personal and professional discovery and development,

whilst placing my HSP trait, its gifts and its challenges,

at the forefront of everything I do.

As a highly experienced coach

with a passion for wellbeing, inclusivity and leadership,

it has become my mission to be in service of other HSPs to see them embark on their own journey to power

and fulfil their potential

whilst becoming champions at managing their emotions.

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Meet other HSPs
who have empowered themselves

Professional Smiling Woman
"Upon joining the community, I was unaware why I was feeling drained in my current professional life. The content and Q&A sessions gave me a chance to take time out to take note of my feelings and the possibilities and options I have to act on them.

It works well for me to speak with people neutral to my situation, without any judgement, and who share experiences with me as HSPs.

Since working with Muriel, I have made many decisions and actions because of our conversations. Such as whether to stay or leave my job and applying for another job and going for an interview.


These are things that I felt that I was procrastinating with before and was dithering with the decision to take action because I felt overwhelmed. Now I have to tools to move forward, and feel supported."

Brenda B - United Kingdom

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