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A community of Highly sensitive leaders & contributors
where we take control of our emotions
and are consistently empowered through: 

        ✔️Our Mindset
✔️Our Body & Productivity
✔️Our Leadership


What's included?

Everything you need to harness your power as an HSP.
As soon as you click join.


Unlimited access to my JTP signature course (Valued at £1,560)


Monthly Power Hub class on an HSP-relevant theme


2 monthly live Q&A calls with Muriel


Complete Power Hub library spanning across 2 years


2 quarterly live workshops:  Emotions under control

& Step into Power

Quickly create powerful routines
to anchor you
as an HSP

The Power Hub daily practice

  • A 10-minute, daily reflection process based on our 3 pillars: Mindset, Body & productivity, leadership

  • Impactful routine to enhance each day in a simple, doable, non-overwhelming way

  • Applicable to any area of your life where you want to see the most progress

  • This process alone will  empower you as an HSP in a way you haven't experienced before

Using Laptop at Home

Instantly solve
your biggest pain points
as an HSP

Unlimited access to my Journey to Power
signature course

(Valued at £1,560)

  • 52 classes spanning across our 3 pillars: Mindset, Body & productivity, Leadership

  • Downloadable visuals and worksheet available for every class to apply your learning

  • Select the topics and videos which will help you the most

  • Study at your own pace, with no pressure to complete by a certain date

  • Use the Q&A calls to ask questions and get support when needed around the course

Never stop
learning and growing in line with
your HSP trait

  • New Power Hub class on an HSP-relevant theme taught every month by Muriel

  • We dive deep and give ourselves a whole month to master the topic - no rush or overwhelm!

  • The monthly class will span across a variety of relevant topics belonging to our 3 pillars: Mindset, Body & Productivity, Leadership

  • Every class is designed specifically for HSPs and the way we experience the world

  • Our two quarterly workshops allow you to go deeper into topics around emotional management and empowerment, at a pace that allows you to digest and implement learning

  • Use the Q&A calls to ask specific questions and get support around our monthly class and workshops

Library Tutor
Live events screenshots 3.jpg

Feel supported on your HSP journey:
you are never alone!

  • You are NEVER alone and your experience as a highly sensitive person is understood, acknowledged and supported in one place at least = THE POWER HUB!

  • 2 monthly live Q&A calls with Muriel where you ask questions, share your experience and get support

  • Opportunity to interact with the community during our Q&As, our quarterly workshops and through our private Facebook group: we are ALWAYS on this journey together!

  • Email support is available for members at any time from the moment you join

Get a feel for our community...

Learn and grow
at your own pace
with the right resources

for you

  • As soon as you join the Power Hub, you are given access to our full library of resources created specifically for HSPs and spanning across the past 2 years

  • The library is curated and updated with new resources on a regular basis

  • The resources are organised around our 3 pillars: Mindset, Body & Productivity, Leadership for your experience to be structured and consistent with the JTP course resources

  • Trainings, workshops, lives and keynote speeches are available around a range of topics relevant to you as an HSP

  • Use the Q&A calls to ask specific questions and get support around the resources from the library

Working at home
Frequently asked questions
  • What is the recommended time commitment for me to make the most of my monthly investment? I am afraid that I won't be able to stick to the time required to really make the most of it.

We have seen fantastic progress for HSPs with a time commitment of as little as one hour per week. There is a lot to explore in the membership, however there is also a lot of flexibility as all the classes are available on demand, so you can fit them around your schedule in a way that works for you. The idea is to go at a regular pace, and maybe at the beginning, you will commit to an hour per week, or perhaps 15 minutes per day. Start with what feels mangeable, and then progress from there. 

  • Are Replays of the live Q&A calls and live workshops available?

Yes. As soon as a live call or workshop has taken place, it will be processed and added to the library within the next 2-3 days. So you are able to catch up in your own time if you can't attend live. Attending live is great if you want specific support, however watching the replays is equally powerful and you will learn a lot from watching these calls. And this means there is never a pressure to attend live, which can be overwhelming.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time, so this is a risk-free investment. If you join us for a month a decide it's not for you, you can cancel online and your subscription won't be renewed at the end of the period.

  • When and how do I get access to the resources available?

Upon joining, you will immediately get an onboarding email letting you know how to access the membership site, where you can access all the resources (JTP course, PowerHub Library, Replays, etc) straight away.  You will also be provided with a membership site tour video which will show you where everything is, so you can navigate the site confidently, without getting overwhelmed.​

  • How do I get access to the Private Facebook community?

Upon joining, you will immediately get an onboarding email with a link to join the Facebook community. Once you have clicked the link and asked to join, you will be let in within the next moments. 

  • Is there a way I can calendar the events available on the membership site in order to plan and not forget or miss out?

Every Monday morning, an email is sent to all members with a recap of what's happening that week - calls, classes or workshops, and of course tips and reminders around your daily practice! So you will always know what's going on, and be able to check against your calendar and block time for attending live where you can.

Your host and Community founder: 
Muriel Kosovsky

✔️Founder of
✔️Coach rating 4.92/5 across 900+ sessions
✔️20 years of Teaching experience (DfE QT)
✔️Over 1,200 delivered Coaching sessions (ACC)
✔️Trusted by 20+ world-famous brands

Muriel has gone from feeling a 100% overwhelmed 
to becoming a "high-calibre woman and leader", as her friend Katie puts it.

The truth is she was high-calibre all along but didn't have the tools or knowledge

to manage her sensitivity in order to thrive.

In the past 20 years, Muriel has developed a simple and wildly effective approach
to developing highly sensitive leaders and contributors from the inside out,
including elements of mindset, physical awareness, productivity and leadership
into a streamlined membership which guarantees an overwhelm-free and empowered life and career to HSPs
who are stuck in low self-confidence, fear of rejection and anxiety, which ultimately affects their well-being and performance.

"The HSP Power Hub is the combinatio
n of years of experience being an HSP
in highly interactive and demanding leadership environments,
as well as knowledge from working with some of the world's leading brands and leaders.
This process is a one of a kind blueprint for growing an overwhelm-free and empowered life and career for HSPs,
without any trial and error, providing you the support needed to manage your emotions
and become extremely effective at leading yourself and others."
"If you identify as highly sensitive
and want to build an overwhelm-free
and empowered life and career,
then the power hub is the perfect place
for you to thrive."

Tell me: How empowered as an HSP would you feel if you...

✅ Knew how to cultivate the self-confidence you need
to 100% believe in yourself

✅ Truly understood how you experience the world
and developed your emotional intelligence

✅ Avoided distractions to become super productive

✅ Knew how to manage your energy levels and sensitive body

✅ Made imposter syndrome and procrastination a thing of the past

✅ Said farewell to indecision
and made effective and timely decisions every time

✅ Built healthy, constructive and positive relationships
with yourself and others around you

If these points resonate with you, and you want to harness your power
whilst feeling calm and collected, the HSP Power Hub is the perfect place for you to thrive.


A community born of a frustration many HSPs have...

I don't know what to do with my sensitivity!
My biggest frustration, which has kept me in emotional turmoil, depression and overthinking for years, was not knowing what to do with my sensitivity,
its power and its challenges.

The truth is highly sensitive leaders and contributors are looking for solutions
to become more empowered and impactful. The power lies in our hands,
all that’s needed are the tools.
It is also this frustration of not knowing what to do, which has led me to create a membership
where highly sensitive leaders can find solutions and create changes that last.

Please note, I said I didn’t know what to DO. I had read about HSPs and had the conceptual knowledge about my trait. Still, I didn’t know what to do to manage and control my sensitivity. It is the doing part that I was missing.

For example, a person who wants to get physically stronger would consult a personal trainer, and the trainer would provide them with a strength program that includes a specific method of getting physically stronger. The program would be something like 3 sets of ten of this exercise, three sets of eight of another exercise, and so on.

A person who follows the program can’t help but get stronger.

If, as a highly sensitive person, you attend general, non-specific development programs, you will progress and learn, but your main pain points will remain because the exercises are not correct for you
and your way of experiencing the world and other people as an HSP.

This membership will teach you exactly how to develop the mental, physical and emotional stamina needed to manage your emotions, maintain your productivity and develop healthy relationships with yourself and others as an HSP.

I have created a solution-focused approach, with a clear blueprint telling you what to focus on and what to do.

Because my frustration was about not knowing what to do, this membership is fashioned like a concrete, itemized strength training program for highly sensitive people,
relying on our 3 pillars: Mindset, Body & Productivity and Leadership.

I tell you exactly what you need to focus on, what is relevant to you as an HSP and how to train your body, mind and emotions to feel and perform at your best as a highly sensitive person.

An HSP who commits to being an active member of this community
can't help but get empowered.

Shoot 02.08.22 5.jpg
Are you ready
to join us?

The world famous brands that trust me to help their leaders excel

The brands that trust me.jpg

What is it like to be in the membership?Members will tell you...

woman 7

"Diving deeper and deeper into the background and the reasons why I am experiencing several blockers feel so nice and refreshing. After a couple of classes, I feel much "lighter".


In the beginning the process felt "heavy" as it seemed like it would go on forever and it will be so hard or even impossible to surpass my fears. However, now, after just a few weeks, I am much more positive and even if I still have work to do to get where I want, it doesn't seem unrealistic anymore and I actually feel the progress is faster than I anticipated.


Such great support. Having this opportunity is really amazing and going through the process makes me realize how fortunate I am."

Eliza - UK

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