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A coaching programme especially designed
Highly-Sensitive leaders and professionals

✔️Master your sensitivity using the 5 Control Points© method.

✔️Create calm, confidence and consistency to feel and be at your best.

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Muriel Kosovsky is a Coach (ACC) for Highly sensitive leaders and professionals, CEO and creator and host of the Highly Sensitive Leader Podcast.


Muriel focuses on supporting leaders and professionals living with the HSP trait who experience specific challenges around over-stimulation, overwhelm, building relationships, managing time, self-confidence and staying consistent with their routines, habits and projects.


An HSP herself, Muriel has worked as a teacher, trainer and leader in high stimulation and high pressure environments for over 15 years, during which time she has developed a range of tools and strategies designed specifically for highly sensitive leaders and professionals (copying non-sensitive colleagues and friends doesn’t work!).


Muriel’s unique 5 Control Points© method strengthens confidence, emotional management and the ability to navigate relationships with assurance and authenticity.


Colleagues, friends and stakeholders will notice and respect this increase in confidence – they will probably want to know what your secret is!

High-sensitivity is a superpower which needs to be managed with care. For the longest time, I thought that my high-sensitivity was a “problem” until I found the tools and support to manage it and change my beliefs.


Today, I provide coaching to executives and business leaders for some of the best-known brands in the world, such as Pinterest, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Siemens-Mendix, Insead and many more.

I noticed that highly-sensitive leaders are held back in their career and business by high-stimulation, fast-paced environments. They often miss the knowledge and tools essential to managing and using their high-sensitivity to their best advantage.

My unique blend of teaching, leadership and coaching expertise, combined with my 43 years of experiencing the ups and downs of being highly-sensitive put me in the best position to deliver this unique, practical and inclusive coaching program specially designed for highly-sensitive leaders.


Come and join our community - I guarantee that you will take control of your high-sensitivity rather than let it control you!

You Will Leave With...


A deep understanding of your HSP trait and what to do about it


5 Control Points to manage and regulate your sensitivity at all times


An individual plan suited to your needs to thrive in your life or career

How was it for my clients in December 2021?

“I always come out of the sessions feeling validated and with a renewed energy to tackle the situation. Muriel is a very empathetic person who I always feel is so in tune with what I'm saying. I can tell she really listens to understand, and when she analyzes what I've said she's always spot on. This session was a lot about setting boundaries, an area that I'd really like to work on, and I have a lot of faith that Muriel will help navigate me through and give me the confidence to approach tough situations both at work and in my personal life.”

Anna, Highly sensitive Senior Sales executive

Muriel's podcast:
The Highly Sensitive Leader Podcast

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