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Helping highly sensitive leaders
avoid anxiety
and achieve peak performance

using community support,
brain hacks, self-care
& leadership development strategies

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I had to stop blaming the world.
And take control of my sensitivity.

For years, I spinned in overwhelm and victim mentality.

I played “tough” in order to fit in and perform. This is what I thought I had to do – being “sensitive” and “taking things personally” was deemed unacceptable.

I battled with anxiety and mental health challenges for the first 30 years of my life.

I built a life based on other people’s expectations of what I should be doing.

I was letting that expectation drive my life.

I was disconnected from myself, my true desires and my true power as an HSP.

I got constantly exhausted from keeping up with a pace – and a life - which wasn’t right for me.


I will be eternally grateful to myself for having made the decision, one fine day, to leave this all behind, and move to a different country.

Living abroad allowed me to reconnect with my power, slowly but surely.

Regain a grip on my mental health.

I also discovered the power of community, of being supported by others when, until then, I had done everything alone, always with my guard up.

I remember to this day my manager Katie casually telling me on one of our walks: “Muriel, you’re a high-calibre woman.”

It’s like I’d been struck by lightning.

I want to do the same for you. Support you.

You are HSP and you are a high-calibre leader.

I embarked on my highly sensitive journey over 15 years ago and it has been a work in progress ever since. I have slowly become the confident, consistent, emotionally balanced leader I am today.


I repeat: always a work in progress! I have my moments (smile).

But when you are emotionally overwhelmed, full of self-doubt and lacking consistency, you will take endless action, keep trying to please everyone and still feel disempowered.

I often say to my clients: Emotions rule the world.

So, 15 years ago, I started taking the control back.

I had to believe that I could be in the driver’s seat of my life, with control on my physical, mental and emotional sensitivity. I had to come to terms with all the frictions I was experiencing with the non-sensitive world if I was going to come into my power as a leader.

I learned to create calm, self-confidence and consistency within myself first.


I learned to powerfully believe in my HSP self and be at peace with the world before creating my own sustainable version of leadership and success.

I can help you do it, too.


What my clients say


"Muriel helped me give myself permission to feel and be human.

We are leaders with emotions, not machines. Muriel worked her magic

and suddenly these scary emotions didn't feel so overwhelming. I can't explain how freeing this is when you are leader looking after other people."


Veronica, Highly sensitive Director of Operations

Are you ready
to manage your anxiety
and achieve peak performance?

I am here to support you.

If, despite reading around the topic of high sensitivity and asking questions in social media groups, anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm keep getting in your way, now is the time to do something different.


Your starting point is learning to manage your sensitivity and the many ways it shows up in your life.

Start here by discovering how your sensitivity is truly impacting your life.

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