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Leveraging the power of community
to help highly sensitive professionals
create their best life with my 3 pillars:
✔️ Mindset
✔️ Body & Productivity
✔️ Leadership

"Muriel is lovely to work with and through her support I feel like there is someone who has my back and that I can trust and we work together to find solutions and mindset for Thriving.
She is the absolute best and I’m so blessed to have found her."

M. - HSP Product Development Team Leader

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Hi, I’m Muriel. I'm an HSP.

I spent the first 25 years of my life feeling overwhelmed by most situations and most people.

I have learned to self-manage and master my physical, mental and emotional sensitivity. 

I have learned to create space for my beautiful gifts and potential to truly emerge, and then built the life of my dreams.


I have learned to be at peace with the non-sensitive world before creating my own sustainable version of success.

I can help you do it, too.

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Since 2018, Muriel has been consistently trusted to coach leaders for the following, world-famous brands: 

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Bio: Muriel Kosovsky 

✔️ Founder of
✔️ 20 years of Teaching experience (DfE QT)
✔️ Over 1,200 delivered Coaching sessions (ACC)
✔️ Trusted by 20+ world-famous brands

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Muriel has gone from being a 100% overwhelmed highly sensitive person and professional to becoming a "high-calibre woman and leader", as her friend Katie puts it.


The truth is she was high-calibre all along but didn't have the tools or knowledge to manage her sensitivity in order to thrive!

In the past 20 years, Muriel has developed a simple and wildly effective approach to developing highly sensitive leaders and contributors from the inside out, including elements of mindset, physical awareness, productivity and leadership into a streamlined approach which guarantees an anxiety-free and empowered life and career to HSPs who are stuck in low self-confidence, fear of rejection and anxiety, which ultimately affects their well-being and performance.


"This process is the combination of years of experience being an HSP in highly interactive and demanding leadership environments, as well as knowledge from working with some of the world's leading brands and leaders. This process is the blueprint for growing an anxiety-free and empowered life and career for HSPs, without any trial and error, providing you the support needed to manage your emotions and become extremely effective at leading yourself and others."

Are you ready
to build an anxiety-free and empowered life & career?

I am here to support you.

If, despite reading around the topic of high sensitivity and asking questions in social media groups, anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm keep getting in your way, now is the time to do something different.


Your starting point is learning to manage your sensitivity and the many ways it shows up in your life.

Start here by discovering how your sensitivity is truly impacting your life.

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