A coaching program
for Highly-Sensitive Leaders

Understand, manage, love and use your high-sensitivity

to thrive in the business and corporate world 

I'm Muriel...

Executive coach, business owner and highly-sensitive person on a mission to help highly-sensitive leaders love, manage and use their highly-sensitive edge to their best advantage in the corporate and business space.

High-sensitivity is a superpower which needs to be managed with care. For the longest time, I thought that my high-sensitivity was a “problem” until I found the tools and support to manage it and change my beliefs. Today, I provide coaching to executives and business leaders for some of the best-known brands in the world, such as Pinterest, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Siemens-Mendix, Insead and many more.

I noticed that highly-sensitive leaders are held back in their career and business by high-stimulation, fast-paced environments. They often miss the knowledge and tools essential to managing and using their high-sensitivity to their best advantage.

My unique blend of teaching, leadership and coaching expertise, combined with my 43 years of experiencing the ups and downs of being highly-sensitive put me in the best position to deliver this unique, practical and inclusive coaching program specially designed for highly-sensitive leaders. Come and join our community - I guarantee that you will take control of your high-sensitivity rather than let it control you!

You Will Leave With...


A deep understanding of your high-sensitivity trait and tactics to manage it


Strategies to love your "sensitive edge" and use it to your advantage


An individual plan tailored to your needs to thrive in your business or career

How was it for my clients?

"Muriel runs a very content-rich and supportive coaching sessions with lots of fascinating and helpful pieces of information about being a sensitive leader. I gained some good takeaway ideas about how to implement these in my own work - thank you!"

Harriet, Highly-sensitive business owner

Muriel's podcast:
The Highly Sensitive Leader Podcast

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A fast and effective way to overcome your challenges

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