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I had to stop blaming the world.
And take control of my sensitivity.

For years, I spinned in overwhelm and victim mentality.

I played “tough” in order to fit in and perform. I hid my sensitivity and the minor details in situations and people’s behaviour which were deeply affecting me every single day.

I over-adapted to other people. I pushed my own boundaries to serve others.

I got constantly exhausted from keeping up with a pace which wasn’t right for me.

I country-hopped, city-hopped and role-hopped – always searching for a "better fit".

Each time, I was hoping that people would see my gifts and potential and invite me into success.

I was letting that expectation drive my life.


But when you are emotionally overwhelmed, full of self-doubt and lacking consistency, you can take endless action, work all the hours, please others and still not feel and perform at your best.


I had to believe that I could be in the driver’s seat of my life, with control on my physical, mental and emotional sensitivity, before actually becoming the corporate and business leader I wanted to be.


I had to come to terms with all the frictions I was experiencing with a non-sensitive outside world before going out to make my dent in it.

I learned to create calm, self-confidence and consistency within myself first, and then built the career of my dreams.


I learned to powerfully believe in my HSP self and be at peace with the world and people before creating my own sustainable version of success.

I can help you do it, too.

Real clients

"Today's session was a very interesting one as it revealed the reality of certain notions you usually read in articles but you never associate with yourself - specifically: psychological safety. It was really eye-opening to see these transcript to reality and, in particular, my own reality.


I just love these sessions as I always leave them feeling much better, feeling empowered, positive and with a "plan to attack the topic".

Nathalie, Highly sensitive Senior Product Operations Manager

Are you ready to master your sensitivity to feel and perform at your best?


Despite reading around the topic of high sensitivity and asking questions in social media groups, overwhelm, self-doubt and inconsistency keep getting in your way. That’s because you never learned to manage your sensitivity and the many ways it shows up in your life.

I am sharing the three secrets I have learned about mastering my sensitivity,
right here.

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