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Welcome to the Highly Sensitive Leader Podcast, 

which brings leadership development solutions to highly sensitive humans.

Your host, highly sensitive certified coach, leadership expert and qualified teacher Muriel Kosovsky, helps you understand the HSP trait in depth and shows you how to overcome your challenges and use your full potential in order to create your best life as an HSP.

Let’s get listening! 🎧


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Latest podcast episode



Episode # 100 – Facing your fear of conflict: Not a want, but a need for HSPs

18th March, 2024




Almost a decade ago, I had a major conflict with one of my siblings. And the truth is, I wasn’t equipped to handle it. Not like I am today.

Fear of conflict is very common for HSPs. Simply because of the emotional charge these conversations involve. A non-HSP would feel an average emotional charge. You get 220 volts, just because of the way your nervous system and your brain are wired. Managing conflict for an HSP, at first, feels like asking a teddy bear to go to war. It just isn’t our thing.

But if we leave or bury our head in the sand every time there is a downward curve in the relationship, we won’t be able to maintain the relationships which are most valuable to us, whether it is in our friends, at work, or with our family.

In this episode and in my upcoming Exclusive workshop, I teach you how to be ok with the idea of conflict, and how to approach it with more confidence in ourselves, and in others, in a way which is less emotional, and a bit more objective.

Learning to navigate these emotionally charged conversations will allow you to set the boundaries which you need to set, to say No (or Yes) when you need to, and generally create space for yourself within any relationship.

Managing and reframing your fear of conflict will also enable you to collaborate with others, in various contexts, more confidently and comfortably.

RSVP for your Exclusive Fear of conflict workshop HERE – 3 spaces left.

I will see you inside!

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Hi, I’m Muriel. I'm an HSP.

I spent the first 25 years of my life feeling overwhelmed by most situations and most people.

I learned to self-manage and master my physical, mental and emotional sensitivity. 

I learned to create space for my beautiful gifts and potential to truly emerge, and then built the career of my dreams.


I learned to be at peace with the non-sensitive world before creating my own sustainable version of success.

I can help you do it, too.

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