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Your host, highly sensitive certified coach, leadership expert and qualified teacher Muriel Kosovsky, helps you understand the HSP trait in depth and shows you how to self-manage and fully embrace your trait in the corporate and business space.

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Latest podcast episode


Episode # 63 – Under-performing


19 September, 2022









Join me this week as I explore what under-performance means and how it shows up for highly sensitive leaders.

I show you how it is possible to do our best and to be under-performing at the same time, due to us being held back by our old coping mechanisms, our sensitivity, our emotions and the messages we have heard repeatedly that “tough” is the way forward.

I teach you the importance and relevance of this concept for highly sensitive leaders and contributors and how it can affect a range of areas in our life and work.

I help you shed light on this concept of under-performance and how to work on it in order to access and use your full capabilities and HSP gifts consistently and successfully, if this is what you desire.

I show you exactly how under-performance shows up but also the underlying reasons for this happening, which often go undetected even when we are experiencing it.

I share with you proven strategies and tips to start breaking the cycle of under-performance and put yourself on your desired path to performing to the best of your capabilities as a highly sensitive leader.

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Hi, I’m Muriel.

I spent the first 25 years of my life feeling overwhelmed by most situations and most people.

I learned to self-manage and master my physical, mental and emotional sensitivity. 

I learned to create space for my beautiful gifts and potential to truly emerge, and then built the career of my dreams.


I learned to be at peace with the non-sensitive world before creating my own sustainable version of success.

I can help you do it, too.