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Your host, highly sensitive certified coach, leadership expert and qualified teacher Muriel Kosovsky, helps you understand the HSP trait in depth and shows you how to self-manage and fully embrace your trait in the corporate and business space.

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Latest podcast episode


Episode # 54 – Taking things OFF your plate


23 May 2022








Join us this week as we explore and celebrate taking things OFF our plate, as opposed to adding things on.

Highly sensitive leaders often naturally default to stacking up ideas and details of things to do. I share two client stories which show how stacking up drives highly sensitives into overwhelm, which often leads to either procrastination or burn-out.

I show you the three main reasons why highly sensitives resort to “adding on” strategies and struggle to let things go. The overall result is that we think about what needs to be done but actually either don’t get things done, or drive ourselves into the exhaustion crash by over-doing.

I offer a fresh perspective and ways to reframe your “adding on” mindset, to replace it with a “taking off” mindset. This allows you to bring relief immediately, today, as well as start dissolving the deeper-rooted fears keeping you stuck into this unhelpful pattern.

I also share one concrete, immediately applicable strategy which has been a complete game-changer for me and many of my clients. I’m sure it will be for you too!

Find my cheat sheet “What high sensitivity is and how it manifests” here to find out exactly how your high sensitivity manifests in the workplace and in your leadership role.

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Hi, I’m Muriel.

I spent the first 25 years of my life feeling overwhelmed by most situations and most people.

I learned to self-manage and master my physical, mental and emotional sensitivity. 

I learned to create space for my beautiful gifts and potential to truly emerge, and then built the career of my dreams.


I learned to be at peace with the non-sensitive world before creating my own sustainable version of success.

I can help you do it, too.