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Here’s how The HSP Power Hub

is different from the Meetup Community…


Let's imagine you were interested in joining a gym membership.

You might be invited to a free taster session, and get a free day pass. Awesome. You go in, try on the machines, take part in a couple of classes, lift a few weights, talk to a few people, check the notice board for future events that come with your membership, and even perhaps some personal trainers available within that gym.


You think about your goals, perhaps it’s toning up for the summer, being healthier to play with your kids, perhaps it’s losing weight to feel lighter or fit into that outfit you love, or being able to go on a lovely hike without being out of breath every 5 minutes. You are given some materials, some ideas of how to reach your goals, you feel energised.

And then you go home. If you join the gym as a member, you have access to all the materials, the community, the personal training, unlimited classes, and events that non-members have to pay for.


You can gain ground on your vision, and achieve your goals at your own pace, maybe a little every day, or a few times a week.


You are supported, you are not alone trying to turn your vision into a reality. You are supported when you are tempted to quit, when it’s too hard, or when you get something wrong and don’t know what to do.

If you join, what is the likelihood of you turning your vision into a reality?

Do you want to be at home by yourself trying to remember what you heard from that free trial and hope that you’ll stay motivated?

Or do you want to have unlimited access to a library, live trainings, a community and a team who are in your corner every day? 

This is the difference between attending free Meetup events and joining the HSP Power Hub.

Think about creating space for you, and the life you want to create as an HSP. 

It’s bigger, and more important, than a free day pass.

And… by becoming a member, you also have access to all the paid (and free) events within the Meetup community. You are automatically added for these, as I know that they are super valuable too. And all these events are then stored within the Power Hub, so that everything is there if you need to dive into it again.

So, that’s the short answer. Are you ready to join us and see it for yourself?

Cheers to you and your best HSP life 🥂


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