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"Community is much more than belonging to something -

it's about doing something together that makes belonging matter."

Brian Solis

Congratulations, you've attended our live event!
This is your first step to managing your sensitivity
and using your superpowers.

Tell me: how would your life change if you became
A PRO at managing your sensitivity
and using your superpowers?

If you:

- Had the personalised guidance to apply the information you received today in order to truly change your life?

- Could solve many other problems to really feel better as an HSP?

✅ Know how to cultivate the self-confidence you need
to 100% believe in yourself

✅ Truly understand how you experience the world and develop
your emotional HSP intelligence

✅ Avoid distractions and be super productive

✅ Know how to manage your energy levels and sensitive body

✅ Make imposter syndrome and procrastination a thing of the past

✅ Say farewell to indecision and make effective and timely decisions
every time

✅ Build healthy, constructive and positive relationships with yourself and others around you

If you identify as HSP and want a clear blueprint, professional guidance and practice to achieve all of the above 👆🏽

Your HSP trait isn't going anywhere, so the earlier you start, the bigger chunk of your life you will have feeling better.

Your JTP course FREE samples are awaiting you!
Yes, you read this correctly.

(Click on "Free preview" to access)

✅ "People, people, people": Learn how to build healthy relationships as an HSP

✅ "Setting boundaries": Learn how to set and maintain effective boundaries that suit you

Included in each class:

✔️An in-depth learning video taught by Muriel
✔️ Downloadable visuals to help you learn
✔️ A tailored worksheet to apply and implement your learning
into your life and career
✔️ Access to our private JTP facebook group
✔️ Access to a JTP-focused live Q&A call with Muriel

Click here to join our JTP trial, absolutely free.
(No dodgy upsale or pushy sale, promise.)

Have you joined our community yet?

Here's why you have to join us if you are HSP...


Being HSP can be lonely.

I get it.

We are a minority in every room, every gathering, every social circle we are part of.

We also often are a minority in our own family.

I have spent the first thirty years of my life feeling at odds with the non-sensitive world.

And with my guard up. No, you won’t get to me. No, you won’t hurt me anymore.

Then, along my travels, I discovered what it means to be part of a community.

A community of people supporting each other.

I was told, for the first time, “Muriel, you are a high calibre woman.”

Well, I believe that, if you have landed here, you are a high calibre, highly sensitive individual, and leader in your own way.

I want to support you to be empowered.

I want to support you to be the most brilliant version of your HSP self, unapologetically.

This is why it is important that you join us. The support you will receive will elevate you , elevate your leadership, and elevate your life.

This is why belonging matters.

As an HSP, your gifts are immense. Let’s reveal them through the power of community.


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