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Helping highly sensitive leaders
avoid under-performance
and master their emotions
using my unique 3-step strategy

A free training on How to stop letting your sensitivity control you

Do you struggle to say No to others... and to yourself?

Is trying to be perfect impacting your performance?

Constant overwhelm puts your mental health and performance at risk and yet… you live to serve and give and make sure everyone’s ok. This is your superpower.


I am here to tell you that your superpower is holding you back because you haven’t learned to use it.


Click below to access our free training where I will personally walk you through our unique 3 step strategy. It will teach you how to harness your superpower through becoming the master of your emotions.

In this free training, we will cover:

Attending this free training will leave you in charge of your emotions, of your potential and of your performance.

It will give you a solid grasp on how your sensitivity holds you back in the most subtle way. You will be able to detect when your sensitivity plays up and adapt your physical, emotional and mental response to overwhelming situations. The result is you being calm and able to make decisions quickly and effectively, with less worry about what others do or think.

This is your opportunity to make a radical change and experiencing your full potential as a highly sensitive leader – whether this means becoming a C-level executive, a well-regarded team leader or a successful business owner.

If you stay with your current patterns of overwhelm, your physical and mental health will be impacted – your mood, energy levels and motivation will constantly fluctuate.

Your performance will be limited. Your ability to experience work in a positive way will decrease dramatically over time, shutting the door to your own fulfilment, whether it is a high-flying career, looking after your team or taking leadership on your dream projects.


I had to do this exact same work for myself.

​I spent the first 25 years of my life feeling overwhelmed by most situations and most people.

​Nowhere and nobody felt psychologically safe.

​I spent ALL my time reacting defensively to events, situations and people.

​I was a victim. I was stuck with my raw sensitivity and emotions.

​And yet, I knew that I was extremely gifted, intelligent and a faster learner with unlimited curiosity, ready to take on the world.

​My unleashed and unmanaged sensitivity was tainting my life vision with fear, doubt and bitterness.

I spent the last 15 years of my life developing tools and concepts which helped me get to the other side and become a well-regarded professional and leader in my field.

I have taken dozens of clients from overwhelm to performing brilliantly as leaders.

Now it is your turn to go through this journey.

Start driving your highly sensitive experience just like we are doing.

Ignition is one click away.

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Overwhelm is something you experience most days as a highly sensitive leader.

It can prevent you from functioning.

From helping, giving, serving, solving problems.

From shining with your amazing gifts.

Brain fog, difficulty to breathe, constricted chest or throat.

We all know how this feels like.


But at times your sensitivity will be more subtle.

The weight will add up without you realising.

Taking responsibility for other people’s emotions and experience.

Delaying tasks for fear of not being in full control.

Criticizing and comparing yourself to others.

Bending backwards to please until you crack.

Thinking of disasters and catastrophies.



My client Marta was pushing away uncomfortable tasks until she couldn’t push them away anymore. The undone tasks occupied a lot of her mind space. She found it extremely stressful. What she identified as procrastination was likely to have a negative impact on her performance. She knew this and yet, she was stuck into inaction.



What Marta is truly afraid of is being rejected by clients. Her high sensitivity means that she is tuned into her own emotions in a very intense way. She described physical reactions: pasty mouth, quickened heartbeat, crying. What she truly fears is not controlling her own emotions, her own reactions. Instead, she fears being controlled by her emotions. She feels powerless. She fears that she will start crying on a call, even before it happens. She is scared of feeling strong uncomfortable emotions (rejection, disappointment, humiliation) and being stuck with them forever. She wants to only feel “positive” emotions and get on with her tasks: she is resisting her own emotional turmoil and shuts down into procrastination – finding temporary relief.


To get Marta out of this unhelpful pattern, we used my BWR tool so that she has more control on her emotions and integrates all the different aspects of her sensitivity into her response to overwhelm. This allows her to use her HSP superpowers (she is amazing at building relationships with clients when she is relaxed!) and perform at her best.


Like Marta, you can learn to take control of your sensitivity.


This is possible for each and every one of you.

The results we create with my clients

Shabbir, highly sensitive content designer:

"Muriel was absolutely amazing. She has the right tools, powerful listening skills, and authenticity that really helped me experience something transformative from our first meeting!"

Mike, highly sensitive inside sales representative:

"Another successful session with Muriel helped me to relax a bit and review my situation from different perspectives. I feel much more confident now that I can take the right steps going forward while analyzing things in order to make sure there's no mistake on the way. I love having this opportunity to connect with Muriel and it always brings me so much happiness and a better perspective on things."

Christine, highly sensitive EVP:

"Today's coaching session was around a difficult conversation that I will be having in the near future and it helped me focus on the important aspects and arrange the narrative around the most important topics as well as focusing on the way to present the message. I am already feeling much more empowered and seeing things in a different light. Great session, great progress and looking forward for the next ones!"

Are you ready to feel and perform at your very best as a highly sensitive leader?


You can choose to let your sensitivity control you and move on from this page.


Or you can watch our free training and start taking control.


What we will be sharing with you during this training is something you won’t hear anywhere else.


It will put you on the path to building a relaxed and fulfilling career where you give, serve and perform without compromising your wellbeing.


Where you are a hero whilst taking care of yourself.


Where your emotions are under control, and welcome.


Where you impact the world with your unique superpowers.


Let’s go!

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