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From constant overwhelm

to owning my brilliant HSP self

The natural gifts and talents we highly sensitive people have will change the world.

Highly sensitive leaders and professionals are exceptionally talented and one of the best assets to organisations, businesses and our world economy.

But you cannot shine, influence and use your natural talents when you are exhausted, inconsistent and wrapped up in overwhelm and self-doubt.


We HSPs are born with natural empathy, attention to details, the ability to process huge amounts of information quickly, boundless curiosity and an intuitive energy for serving others. The role you choose as a professional and your leadership are the vehicle to share your gifts and make the world a better place.


You have the potential to be an outstanding leader, an amazing personal contributor and a highly regarded team member. A stunning partner everyone wants to keep.

But only if you take control of your sensitivity and all the subtle ways it slows you down.

As a self-management coach, I am committed to helping highly sensitive leaders and professionals master their physical, mental and emotional sensitivity to start showing up as the calm, confident and consistent leader they truly want to be.


I had to do this exact same work for myself.

I spent the first 25 years of my life feeling overwhelmed by most situations and most people.

Nowhere and nobody felt psychologically safe.

I spent ALL my time reacting defensively to events, situations and other people.

I was a victim.

And yet, I knew that I was extremely gifted, intelligent and a faster learner with unlimited curiosity, ready to take on the world.

My unleashed and unmanaged sensitivity was tainting my life vision with fear, doubt and bitterness.

I would constantly fear for the worst case scenario and stop believing in myself.

I would constantly fear what others would think of me and over-adapt to harmful situations.

I would constantly fear life and people would get in the way and chose the safest options.

I would constantly fear conflict and either subdue or flight.

I would constantly fear getting bored and filled my time with multiple projects and hobbies to the point of exhaustion.

I would constantly fear losing my freedom and stayed disorganised, generating more overwhelm.


These fear cycles meant I was constantly putting out fires instead of using my potential.

Consuming hobbies and projects, looking for the next better role fit, following impulses and excitement, accumulating small achievements to get my dopamine hits, but not really building the solid foundation I needed to make my dreams come true.

I took some action. But my decisions always came from a place of instinctive fear.

I was taking action to either buffer my emotions, compensate for my self-doubt or fly away to supposedly greener pastures.

I bounced from role to role, from city to city, from one certification to the next, from one high sensation hobby to another, but never truly believed I could achieve my dream life and career.

I was exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I was constantly inconsistent. A nomad with no home.

I was laying bricks all over the plot instead of putting them together to build a beautiful house.

And I felt empty.

I had to stop this unsustainable process.

I had to embrace feeling uncomfortable when looking at myself and seeing I needed help.

I had to take control of my sensitivity.

I had to understand all the details of my HSP trait and notice when, unsupervised, my trait would get in the way.

I had to learn that my beautiful gifts and potential would truly emerge if I mastered my physical, mental and emotional sensitivity.

I had to believe that I could create a positive experience for myself, with myself and with the non-sensitive world around me.

I had to turn into the calm, confident and consistent driver of my life even when my sensitivity told me to go hide and make no waves.

I had to accept that my HSP trait means constant physical, mental and emotional maintenance for the rest of my life.

I had to embrace who I am, a highly sensitive leader, and show up every day to shine and serve others.

I had to believe that this could be FUN.


I had to own  my brilliant HSP self.

I had to own my brilliant HSP self and create the calm, confidence and consistency I need to stay in charge and take powerful action.

The kind of action that take you closer to your dreams.

The kind of action that turns you into an incredible leader.

The kind of action that creates tons of positive impact on the people you serve.

The kind of action that preserves your boundaries and well-being as an HSP.

Self-management is what bridges the gap between living in constant overwhelm and owning your brilliant HSP self. This is the work I have done myself, and the work I have shared with hundreds of clients.

If I can do it, you can do it, too.

I can help.

Are you ready to master your sensitivity to feel and perform better?

Despite reading around the topic of high sensitivity and asking questions in social media groups, overwhelm, self-doubt and inconsistency keep getting in your way. That’s because you never learned to manage your sensitivity and the many ways it shows up in your life.

I am sharing the three secrets I have learned about mastering my sensitivity, right here.

It only takes an hour...

"This experience was amazing! I feel ready to tackle my work related issue now that I’ve had a chance to talk it out with Muriel. I feel as though the session realistically prepared me for how to handle my situation." Layla, Highly sensitive Software Engineer

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