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Take Control
A coaching programme especially designed
for Highly Sensitive people and professionals

✔️ Master your sensitivity using the foolproof 5 Control Points© method.

✔️ Create calm, confidence and consistency to feel and be at your best.

Who this programme is for

👌 You have recently found out that you are highly sensitive and don’t know where to start

👌 You have known that you are highly sensitive for some time but have not had expert specialized in-person training and growth around it

👌 You have interacted with social media groups and read about high sensitivity, but are still confused about how to manage it effectively in your life and profession

👌 Your high sensitivity is causing you to be stressed and overwhelmed, which is blocking you from feeling confident, calm and at your best in your personal and professional life

👌 You have always been playing “tough” to compensate for your high sensitivity and are tired of not being able to be yourself – you want to be in acceptance and find a positive way to do life!



5 challenges you might be encountering as a highly sensitive person and professional

  • Difficulty to regulate your energy levels: Often feeling exhausted – “rollercoaster” very high/very low energy – lack of routines

  • Overload of stimulation through your 5 senses causing upset or confusion – Excessive absorption of situations and emotions (yours and that of others)

  • Insecurity and self-doubt in your relationships with others: constantly seeking validation – difficulty to set boundaries – people-pleasing – fear of judgment

  • Struggle with time-management and prioritization: tendency to over-estimate capacity, energy or time available – getting overwhelmed in advance

  • Steady flow of ideas distracting you from your goal: difficulty to break things down into a simple and achievable process – inconsistency with routines – “all over the place” feeling



You are one step away from feeling calm, confident and consistent!

👌 Understanding your HSP trait in depth – stop feeling like something’s wrong

👌 Having reliable tools to manage and regulate your sensitivity – know what to do about it

👌 Being acceptant of yourself and your HSP trait

👌 Being calm under pressure – especially if you have an intense job and responsibilities towards others

👌 Being able to navigate relationships with confidence and assurance

👌 Being consistent with goal and projects - fulfill your potential



Get results quickly

🤩 Shorter intensive 10-week program as opposed to usual 6 months in coaching

🤩 5 Control Points© covered and mastered in this short amount of time: quality of teaching and extensive knowledge of pain points/solutions specific to HSPs

🤩 Review and accountability worksheet every two weeks to highlight progress and results



You will be supported throughout the programme, from consultation to finish line

👍 Entire process broken down and guided by Muriel – all you have to do is show up and get coached!

👍 Entire journey and coaching calls mapped out at the start for a seamless journey

👍 All coaching calls are remote from the comfort of your home – audio or video call as your preferred way

👍 Worksheets provided and sent in a timely manner every two weeks for your convenience

👍 Shift in thinking and experience after the first week – results show quickly

👍 Muriel has a unique way to make things fun and enjoyable – variety in activities, topics and approach to your HSP journey


Learn the 5 Control Points© to master your sensitivity and be at your best

  • Regulating energy levels

Energy levels as the primary control point of the HSP experience

Thorough review of your current situation

Regulating habits and routines to increase energy levels

  • Moderating stimulation

Understanding the entry points of stimulation (physical and mental)

Consideration of your personal and professional context

Learning to restrict stimulation using a range of proven techniques (mindset, physical, visualization, anticipation)

  • Navigating relationships with confidence

Why you experience relationships differently as an HSP

Creating internal validation vs seeking external validation from others

Navigating relationships with confidence and assurance using a communicative and intuitive approach

  • Taking charge of preparation

Figuring out the “time challenge” for you as an HSP

Developing time-management and prioritization skills

Learning to anticipate and get prepared to stay out of overwhelm

  • Creating consistency

Why routines and habits are your best friend

The HSP temptation to be inconsistent – is this serving you?

Bridging the gap to find your middle, consistent ground with routines and projects



Why the 5 Control Points©

The 5 Control Points© have been distilled from 15 years of working on my own HSP trait in highly stimulating environments and coaching highly sensitive leaders and professionals to manage their sensitivity and fulfill their potential. They are the key to understanding your sensitivity in depth and being able to keep it under control even when pressure and stimulation are high.

Think of these 5 control points as your anchor, your foundation, for the rest of your life. It is only with this solid foundation in place that you will be able to stay away from overwhelm, worry, distractions and self-doubt. You will uncap your growth and be successful in your personal and professional projects – whatever they are. You will use your natural HSP gifts with ease, more often and more effectively.

All of these 5 points might resonate with you. Or you might really identify with one or two. This is ok, and we will adapt your coaching programme accordingly – every HSP experience their trait differently! I also know that being introverted or extroverted can make a big difference in how you experience your trait. This will be part of our discussion before you onboard the programme, to make sure you create a vision and results which are meaningful for you.

Session per session breakdown

🙏Complimentary consultation (1 hour): We create a vision for the results you want to achieve using the 5 Control Points© or a selection of them. We ensure that the process is clear for you and that you are ready to commit to and invest in your HSP growth.

🗪 Coaching session 1 (1 hour)

🗪 Coaching session 2 (1 hour)

✍️ Regulating energy levels: progress and accountability worksheet


🗪 Coaching session 3 (1 hour)

🗪 Coaching session 4 (1 hour)

✍️Moderating stimulation: progress and accountability worksheet


🗪 Coaching session 5 (1 hour)

🗪 Coaching session 6 (1 hour)

✍️Navigating relationships with confidence: progress and accountability worksheet


🗪 Coaching session 7 (1 hour)

🗪 Coaching session 8 (1 hour)

✍️Taking charge of preparation: progress and accountability worksheet


🗪 Coaching session 9 (1 hour)

🗪 Coaching session 10 (1 hour)

✍️Creating consistency: progress and accountability worksheet


💪Complimentary closing session (1 hour): We make sure that you leave the program having achieved the results you signed up for. We summarize your key take-ways, areas of future practice and growth points you have accumulated across the duration of the programme.


Special bonuses

  • Progress and accountability worksheets for quicker progress and mastery of the 5 control points© in your specific context (worth £400)

  • Journaling prompts adapted to your goals to help you process information, see your blind spots and avoid overwhelm (worth £200)

  • Strength in excess feedback process to improve your self-image and confidence (worth £400)

  • “No faff access” to Muriel via email for the whole 10 weeks: get tailored expert coaching, pep talks & feedback so you are rocketing on your HSP journey (worth £4000)


Are you ready to transform your life?

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