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The Highly Sensitive Leader

If you had removed the overwhelm,
and walked away 
from a powerful call,
with clarity and confidence,
what would that be worth to you?

Sometimes, we want to get started but the big commitment feels scary.

Sometimes, all it takes is an hour or two to get us started with the process.

Build the relationship. Build the trust in ourselves. Finding out whether the coaching is a good fit.


Sometimes, all it takes is an hour or two to solve a specific problem that is holding us back.

Your high sensitivity shows up in a way which is very specific to you.

We all are at a different place in our HSP journey and process our challenges differently.

This hour will give you what you need right now.


You want to get unstuck but want to keep your freedom and pace your development? (and your budget!)

You want to avoid overwhelm and be able to take the time to process what you have learned?

You want to stay in control of how you spend your time, your energy and your money?

I get it. I have been in that same exact place.

This why I have created the Highly Sensitive Leader POWER HOUR.

An hour of powerful coaching with an HSP and leadership expert who is currently taking clients from overwhelm to performing at their best in line with their brilliant HSP self.

Find out more about my unique 3 step strategy today.

I can't wait for us to start changing your life.


Discover my unique 3-step strategy:

  • Establish surface challenge (eg. stress, procrastination, public-speaking)

  • Find root cause (why this is happening – thinking patterns, emotions, behaviours)

  • Reframe current pattern with tools and exercises

Example of problems we are currently solving with my highly sensitive clients in the Power Hour:

  • I want to take control of my overwhelm and increase my confidence when interacting with people

  • I want to be confident with networking and put myself forward in the best light

  • I want to focus on myself rather than on what other people think of me

  • I want to be able to finish long-term projects

  • I want to stop burning out

  • I want to manage my time and prioritise effectively

  • I want to be a confident leader and make a positive impact on people

  • I want to communicate effectively and concisely 

"Today I discussed with Muriel around setting healthy boundaries, the risk of action vs inaction and many other cool points.


I feel so comfortable having these sessions and they certainly improve my work life as well as my personal life."


Jane, Highly sensitive Senior Coordinator

The best time to start is always now.
Still unsure? No problem.
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