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If you walked away from a powerful call with clarity on your HSP trait
and knew that
you have set yourself up for success
with the help of an HSP expert,
how would that feel?

Being HSP can be very confusing. I know how you feel.

Most of my clients found out about their HSP trait either through a Google search or through me.

Their world was shaken, just like mine was when I did my search 15 years ago.

But there is also the relief: everything starts to make sense.


You don’t have to go through the heap of information by yourself.

Online information is not always accurate. And it also not adapted to your specific situation.

Perhaps you are an introvert. Or an extrovert. Your HSP experience will be radically different according to the way you naturally relate to others and process information.

Perhaps you are in a leadership position. Perhaps you are a technical expert. Perhaps you are an individual contributor. Your work context will dictate how you need to set yourself up for success as an HSP.

Your high sensitivity shows up in a way which is very unique to you.

We all are at a different place in our HSP journey and process our challenges differently.

This Power Hour will give you the knowledge you need, right now, to set yourself up for success as a highly sensitive leader.


I have been through all the confusion and want to give you the chance to have this clarifying conversation with me. To go from confusion to complete clarity.

I am an HSP expert. I am a leadership expert. (LinkedIn profile here 😉)

I can confidently say that there isn’t a situation you will bring which I have not experienced in my own way, both as an HSP and a leader.

The Power hour is here to do three things to set you up for success:

  • Deliver the essential knowledge you need to have about your HSP trait

  • Explore your own HSP experience and how it shows up specifically in your life and work

  • Break down some action steps for you to focus on in the next 3-6 months


We are cutting through the confusion to save you precious time.

Giving you a short-cut to feel confident about your HSP trait and able to move forward.

Feeling supported, talking with an expert who is here to train and cheer you on.


This conversation will be a game-changer – don’t wait!

It is a one-off investment in your brilliant HSP self, who hasn’t fully come out yet.

For you to step into your power.

I can’t wait for us to start the journey.


Get complete clarity in 3 easy steps:

  • Essential HSP knowledge

  • Exploration of your specific HSP experience

  • Break down of areas of focus for the next 3-6 months


  • The "HSP essential" virtual booklet 

  • Advanced leadership skills map for HSPs

Is the Power Hour is for me?


It is, if you can relate to any of these scenarios:

  • You recently discovered your HSP trait and want more information to make sense of your experience.

  • You want a conversation with an HSP expert where you can be reassured and understood.

  • You have known you are HSP for a while, suspect that it has been holding you back from fulfilling your potential and want to discuss solutions with an expert.

  • You are a highly sensitive leader and want to grow your leadership skills from the standpoint of being HSP but are confused where to start.

Example of essentialsand experiences we cover with my highly sensitive clients in the Power Hour:

  • The highly sensitive nervous system and processing sensitivity

  • The physical, emotional and mental aspects of being HSP

  • Tips for physical, emotional and mental management for HSPs

  • Introversion and extroversion as an HSP

  • The challenges HSPs face at work

  • The challenges HSPs face as leaders

  • HSP gifts and how we create impact

  • How to manage overplaying our strengths

  • How to manage particular challenges as a unique HSP and leader

  • Our leadership style as an HSP

What my clients say:


"I have lost 10 anxiety pounds working with Muriel. She has helped me create a sense of calm during my work day but also at night where previously I had trouble sleeping.


We discuss work situations and I always leave the call with small and doable action steps which, in the long term, have changed everything for me."


Sean, Highly sensitive Director of Regional Affairs

What my clients say:


"Muriel helped me give myself permission to feel and be human. We are leaders with emotions, not machines. Muriel worked her magic and suddenly these scary emotions didn't feel so overwhelming."


Veronica, Highly sensitive Director of Operations

What my clients say:


"Muriel is a fantastic coach who shows empathy and solidarity with what I am feeling.


She uses personal examples that help me to shift my mindset in a positive direction and understands that what I’m feeling is normal.


She shares suggestions/tools that I can utilize to better myself and my situation."


Maya, Highly sensitive Product Designer

What my clients say:


"Today I discussed with Muriel around setting healthy boundaries, the risk of action vs inaction and many other cool points.


I feel so comfortable having this session and it has certainly improves my work life as well as my personal life."


Jane, Highly sensitive Senior Coordinator

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