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New Year Foolproof Confidence Masterclass 2022

Engineered for Highly sensitive leaders & professionals

New Year Foolproof Confidence for Highly sensitive leaders and professionals in 8 weeks

  • Without changing who you are

  • Without fear of judgment from others

How does that sound?

Your current experience

  • You are a highly sensitive person engaged in leadership and professional responsibilities

  • You feel that your confidence is affected by who you think you need to be around others

  • You are putting a lot of pressure on yourself, which sometimes holds you back from showing up at your very best

Nothing has gone wrong – you are highly sensitive and that’s perfectly ok.

All we need to do is develop your confidence in a way which is tailored to your HSP trait – copying non-sensitive leaders doesn’t work!

We want to make your confidence foolproof to pressure, busyness and people’s judgment.

Let me take it on from here. 


Why confidence matters for you as a Highly sensitive leader and professional

Confidence is a non-negotiable skill for highly sensitive leaders and professionals to develop because:

  • The messaging we have heard growing up and in the current environment around being sensitive and having a lot of emotions: Sensitive is bad VS Tough is good. The HSP way is “the wrong way”, which shrinks our confidence.

  • The world is 85% made of non-sensitive people and is mostly not tailored to our needs and the way we want to live our life. This constant friction is causing a loss of confidence in ourselves (we can’t “fit in”) when interacting with the world and people.

  • Most of us have had brutal experiences with failure with no support to process them and see them objectively as they are: formative experiences. The intensity of being disappointed in ourselves has lowered our confidence and made us afraid to take risks.


The problems we will solve during this 8-week period

What mostly derails our confidence?

Other people 

  • Our interpretation of what they might think of us: “What will they think if I make this decision or apply for this promotion or role?”

  • Our fear of their judgment: “What image of myself am I giving to the world?”

  • How we disconnect from ourselves through giving them our full attention: “Their life must be more interesting or worth listening to than mine.”

  • How we disconnect from ourselves and taking on their emotions: “I feel for this person and want to fix their situation.”

How we see ourselves

  • Integrated beliefs from what we have heard many times: “I am the person who is too sensitive” or “I am the person who takes things personally”

  • Perception of what we think we can or cannot achieve in the present moment: “I don’t belong to this group of people who…” or “I can’t possibly do…”

The keys to creating a foolproof confidence experience

  • Confidence is a skill which can be cultivated by every HSP – even the most sensitive amongst us

  • Strengths in excess©: we are growing our confidence through recognizing our strengths and learning to rein them back

  • Growing our self-concept: Carl Rogers defines self-concept as a "consistent set of perceptions and beliefs about ourselves." Our self-concept is made of automatic thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves. Some we think consciously and some we might not know exist. Self-concept has plasticity and can evolve if we work on it intentionally to unblock our ability to be confident and reach higher, better, bigger goals for ourselves (whatever we think these are).

  • Reframing our fear of judgment from others: enhance our capacity to stay focused on ourselves through regulating what we are absorbing from others. Re-consider our interpretation of other people’s behaviours and what they might be thinking of us.

The results we will create during the live events and coaching calls

Foolproof self-confidence without changing who you are (Live event & coaching 1)

  • You stay connected to and prioritize yourself

  • You create sufficiency (I am enough) on demand

  • You get celebrate your ideas and see your genius

  • You stop anticipating on your lack of capabilities

  • You change HOW you think about you (without changing you)

  • You replace guilt (should) with possibilities (could)

  • You reframe “failure” and use it to become amazing (winning or learning)

  • You create your own validation system


Foolproof confidence around others without fear of judgment (Live event & coaching 2)

  • You speak up confidently in a conversation with someone else/a group

  • You are assertive with others without feeling aggressive

  • You embrace feeling different from others

  • You navigate social situations comfortably

  • You present with confidence in front of a group

  • You choose who you want to hear from

  • You ask for feedback and use it to your advantage

Outline of your 8-week Masterclass

New Year Foolproof Confidence for Highly sensitive leaders and professionals in 8 weeks -

Exclusive small group & coaching experience.


Contact points

  • 2 small group (4 people) Masterclass live events with Muriel – Week 1 & Week 4

  • 2 private 1-1 coaching calls – week 2 & week 5

  • 2 group coaching calls – week 3 & week 7


  • £900 (GBP) for 8 weeks to foolproof confidence for highly sensitive leaders and professionals (just over £100/week)

  • What’s included: 2 masterclass live events, 2 private coaching calls, 2 group coaching calls + bonuses

Special bonuses

  • Strength in Excess© Accountability partner (worth £500): build confidence from your strengths in tandem, share experiences, get inspiration, never give up

  • Weekly “Track and progress” loop (worth £200): journal, evaluate, celebrate, tweak, progress faster

  • “No faff access” to Muriel via email for the whole 8 weeks (worth £2000): get tailored expert coaching, pep talks & feedback so you are rocketing on your confidence journey


Timeline and availability

  • 4 participants – small and exclusive

  • Sign up window on Eventbrite – 5th-14th of January 4 spots available

  • Masterclass live event 1 on Thursday January 20th

  • Masterclass calendar below – please check your availability and time zone before committing.

Live event 1 - 20th January 2021 – 6pm GMT

Private coaching calls 1 - w/c 24th January 2021 – at your convenience

Group coaching call 1 - 3rd of February 2021 – 6pm GMT



Live event 2 - 10th of February – 6pm GMT

Private coaching calls 2 - w/c 14th of February – at your convenience

Group coaching call 2 - 3rd of March 2021 – 6pm GMT


I look forward to seeing you in my Foolproof confidence Masterclass 2022!


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